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  • Vintage American Racing
  • Vintage American Racing
  • Vintage American Racing
  • Vintage American Racing
  • Vintage American Racing
  • Vintage American Racing
  • Vintage American Racing
Description of Vintage American Racing

Get ready for an adrenaline-driven vintage American racing adventure, as you hit and blast out your way to victory. Eye-popping 3d views will add to the realistic feel of an incredible racing quest, so hit the road and race as fast as you can for as long as possible. Blast out not only cars standing in your way, but cash in on the fancy coins, collect bonus heath points and extra time to keep you longer in the race.

a catchy, one-level game
a wide collection of superb, realistically designed, American retro cars to feast your eyes on
highly addictive, fast-paced game-play (you literally need to blast away all the other cars like a mad driver would)
a top view game
cool upgrades to go for
tempting bonuses to collect off the highway
tricky obstacles to avoid

Ready to turn back the hands of time and to find yourself speed racing on the highway at the wheel of a jaw-dropping, classy retro four wheeled beauty, along with other vintage cars? Your car might retro, but that certainly doesn't mean that you can't reach some adrenaline-pumping speed behind its wheel! As for the game controls, they couldn't have been more intuitive: tap on your screen, anywhere ahead of your car, for accelerating, and on its left or right side for switching lanes.

Unlike in many other car racing games for Android, in Vintage American Racing you're greatly encouraged to... bump into the other cars racing there, on the highway! There's room for just one master driver here, so strive to remove as many of your rivals off the road, by brutally crushing into them, as possible. Also, while hunting down your rival cars, strive to pick up as many of those precious coins and valuable health bonuses scattered on the circuit, as you can, and also to avoid the obstacles (tires and barrels) strategically placed there, that might drastically slow you down. Use the collected coins to buy more time, acceleration or to improve your health, as you restart the race. Stay focused on the road ahead and be ready to pop out cars and cash in the bonus elements to ensure you stay longer in the race. Also, you might want to be on the lookout for roadblocks that will slow you down if you bump into them. Avoid them, but make sure you hit and blast everything else!

So, you've pretty much got the main idea of the game, the one that makes this game so very addictive, compered to other free car driving games: your major goal is to... bump into most of those retro four wheeled beauties on the highway as you speed down like a maniac! Be merciless and violently bump into them, watching them as they pop up like popcorn on your screen, while keeping a close eye on the time symbol, on the health one and the number showing you how many cars you will have blasted away! All these three tabs/symbols are placed right there, on the left side of your screen. Once you've run out of time, restart, go back to the start line and... beat your own record, turning your classy car into a major menace for all the other vintage vehicles speeding on the same highway, popping them all up in a few seconds, as you simultaneously collect bonuses and you squeeze your car through those tricky obstacles on the road!

So, are you ready to go vintage, enjoying probably one of the catchiest car racing games for Android devices, getting behind the wheel of a classic, retro-stylish car and then to go wild as you master drive it and kick off all the other cars, watching them as they popcorn way up in the air?

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